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Below are answers to the most common questions that we get about building and living in a bus.

Where do you poop?

This is by far the most common question that we get asked. The answer is fairly simple. Both of us borderline enjoy going in the woods. Some of my fondest BM’s have been while perched on a downed tree or on a hillside outhouse.

If a cat-hole isn’t available, there are public restrooms in almost every town that we have ever travelled to and they get cleaner the further you get from the South.

How much has this project cost?

This is a hard one to answer. We had every intention of keeping every receipt and recording every trip to Lowe’s, but I am not that organized. There are still receipts in crevices of the garage that some renter is going to find some day and wonder why someone would need so much plywood.

My best estimate is close to $10,000 to convert the bus from School duty to fully sustainable home.

How can readers get involved?

Below are a couple of ways that you as a viewer/reader can get involved with out adventures.

  1. Host Us- Everyone needs to recharge batteries (both literally and metaphorically) and we encourage anyone that wants us to park in their driveway, bum their electricity and water, and share awesome stories from the road with them to Host Us. Simply send us an e-mail with your location and we will let you know when we are close to your area.
  2. Buy Prints- Our gallery has some above-average images of some of our most amazing destinations for sale. All proceeds from the sale go to fund us being able to live on the road.
  3. Follow/Like/Comment/Share- Any social media activity is extremely appreciated. The more people are aware of our trip, the longer we can stay on the road and continue to provide great content.

Do you ever get tired of each other?

Of course! All kidding aside, we hardly ever push each other to a point of feeling frustrated or angry. When one of us is feeling overwhelmed or stressed we both know that a bike ride or a hike alone is the best medicine.

We choose this lifestyle and relationship every day, because it is the life we want and the life we have chosen to build together.

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