Who We Are

We are Rachael and Zach and we grew tired of the 9-5 lifestyle and decided to plan a life on our own terms. That meant renting our home, selling most of our possessions, and hitting the open road. We have been vagabonding around in our skoolie conversion since April 2018.

This is where we will document our journey and share our content with the world.

Zach Elseman

Zach is the resident mechanic and builder as well as the photographer for most of the Okienomad’s adventures. He also does most of the driving.

Zach has worked most of his adult life in Accounting and Finance for a non-profit. He is currently working as the Volunteer Coordinator for a trade show.

Rachael Elseman

Rachael is the mastermind behind route planning, navigating, and the gluten free menu. She is also an aspiring yogi, cycling addict, and lifelong adventurer.

Rachael has worked in a myriad of industries including Hospitality and Tourism and Education. She currently works as the Customer Service face for a trade show.

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