Big Blue Bus Build


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Stage 1: DEMO

Although partially converted, we still need to remove all interior panels and insulation as well as left over flooring from a previous conversion.

Stage 2: Infrastructure

We are planning to raise the roof 12" and build out the structure to support a garage, bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom.

Stage 3: Build Out

This conversion will be like our first only better! We will have a shower, toilet, and solar power and much more of the same things you would find in a normal RV or home.


Previous Steps: Demo

We are grinding, grinding and grinding to get rid of all of the thousands of rivets holding our bus panels together. Thankfully, our bus came without seats, so removing the interior was half as easy.

Current Status: Infrastructure

We are currently building the framework that will support our new home on wheels. We are lifting the roof 12", adding structural support, and skinning the walls.

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