Who We Are

In 2018, we grew tired of the 9-5 lifestyle and decided to plan a life on our own terms. That meant renting our home, selling most of our possessions, and hitting the open road.

We traveled the roads of North America in hopes to see as much of our great country as we can. We met new friends, experienced new things, and helped others along the way.

COVID-19 changed our plans, as it did many across the world. In 2020 we settled down to learn new things, save some money, and build a full-size skoolie!


Big Blue Bus Build

Check out our newest project, a roof raise skoolie that will serve as our home on wheels.

Bus Build

See the current status, next project, and previous build posts on our Shorty Skoolie Tiny Home.

Travel Vlog

We try to record all of our adventures to document our travels and to share with others.

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