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4Runner Build


Produced between 1984 and 1989, the First Generation Toyota 4Runner is a classic 4x4 that is respected by many as one of the best off-road vehicles ever made.

We were searching for a capable, reliable, and classic vehicle that could take us down the Baja Peninsula with no problems.

We found a mechanically-sound '86 4Runner DLX while we were still traveling around in our bus. The build has begun and we are looking forward to the challenge of finishing this truck by Christmas, when we leave for Baja!


OME Suspension Rebuild

The old and tired suspension is being replaced with Bilstein shocks and Old Man Emu springs.

Overland Cargo Area

To support full-time living we installed a fridge, dual batteries, a storage platform, and a roof top tent.

Maintenance Repairs

All systems of the truck are being checked, replaced, and fluids changed as needed. Brakes, transmission, and engine will be running in tip-top shape.


Current Status: Paint

Painting the old and faded off-white body with a new coat of super white was a huge priority.

All panels are being repaired and prepped before getting fresh paint. The fiberglass topper will be prepped and painted black to offset all of the whiteness.

What's Next?

Once painted, the truck will receive a full suspension overhaul with Bilstein Shocks and Old Man Emu leaf springs.

New bushings and u-bolts will secure the springs to the axle. A fresh coat of black undercoating will be applied to the undercarriage of the truck.


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