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Who We Are

We are Zach and Rachael Elseman, the Okienomads. We are newlyweds that have discovered a passion for exploring the world by vehicle. Whether it be cruising the coast in our Skoolie or bombing an off-road trail in our 4Runner, we are always down for an adventure.

We have sold most of our belongings and are living out of our vehicles full-time. By working remotely and living with less we are able to cultivate a lifestyle that fits us.

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We use our 1986 Toyota 4Runner to explore deep into the hills and forests where our bus shouldn’t try to go. The 4runner is lifted, built out, and a ton of fun to drive.

Our new “basecamp” is a 1991 Bluebird TC2000 35-foot school bus with a Cummins 12-valve engine and tons of room for activities. Plans for the “new” build include a roof chop to allow the 4Runner to be parked on the back…think “budget toyhauler”.

Our first love and first bus build has a special place in our hearts. Our build included running water, solar power, and enough storage room to bring our toys with us on the road. We still live in our shorty full-time while we work on our new project bus.

Take a look at all of our vehicles in The Garage. We include build photos, current status, and tons of information about our mobile houses.

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