Gear Review: Sea to Summit X-Pot

We were first exposed to the X-Pot at Overland Expo 2018 WEST in Flagstaff, AZ when we worked a little bit at the event and decided to splurge on a piece of gear from one of the vendors. We settled on the 2.8L Sea to Summit X-Pot and fell in love.

2 years later- Stress cracks and discoloration, but does not effect performance one bit!

The X-Pot is downright versatile! Below are some of our favorite features:

  • BPA free, heat resistant silicone – built to EU food-grade standards
  • Hard anodized 6063-T6 aluminum base conducts heat really well for outdoor gourmet cooking
  • Durable translucent strainer lid
  • Stainless steel ring embedded in the rim provides stability

The ultimate feature of the X-Pot lies in it’s ability to collapse to about the thickness of our bus dinner plates and stow away flat and out of the way. Check out the image below for a size comparison.

The X-Pot heats just as well as any of the cheap cookware that originally found their way into our bus and we are just waiting on something else in our kitchen to break so we can replace it with a Sea-to-Summit unit, we like our X-Pot that much!

Our X-Pot has started to discolor around the aluminum base but the color does not effect performance one bit and to be honest, we are really hard on gear. We expect this unit to last a good while longer and we can’t wait to take it on an overnight paddle or bike trip next time we get a chance.

2 years later- Careful with the simmer, stuff can get caked pretty easy.

We have used our X-Pot on a variety of cook tops including our MSR Pocket Rocket, Coleman Camp Stove, and our new Camp Chef Oven top with great success across the board. We have simmered veggies at low heat and boiled water on high with no complaints. This pot is essential gear for anyone with limited space in their kitchen.

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