Crazy Horse…a Crazy Monument Indeed

Any road trip to the Black Hills would be incomplete without a visit to the Crazy Horse Memorial. Learn how to visit nearly for FREE!

Beach Camping in San Felipe, BC: Campo #1 Touristico

Enjoy beach camping near San Felipe, Baja California. Wifi, showers, and a restaurant make this the best spot in town!

How to Enjoy Lake Tahoe on a Budget

We have all seen the images or videos of the picturesque scene with the bikini-clad paddleboarder gliding across the iconic crystal-clear water of Lake Tahoe and it looks like she is the only person on the lake. This is NOT REAL. Being one of the prettiest and largest freshwater lakes (that also happens to be … Read more

Over Prepared and Underprepared: How Both Can Keep You From Exploring

Hammock Camp Buffalo River Arkansas

By: Ethan Hayman Whether you choose to explore the world around you by motor vehicle, bicycle, or by foot there is a fine line between wandering dangerously into the unknown with no preparation, being safely prepared for the adventure ahead, and being paralyzed by the insecurity of not having every piece of equipment you can … Read more

Bathtub Rocks- Iconic Attraction Near Historic Tahlequah, OK

GPS Coordinates: 35.997521, -94.897183 Nearest Town: Tahlequah, OK One of my favorite aspects of living in Northeast Oklahoma and Tahlequah in general are the outdoor activities that are still generally well-kept secrets in the area. These are well-kept locations mostly due to the lack of an active population, lack of awareness, and lack of access … Read more


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